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S T Bunn Trucks Perform High Quality Work Founded in 1939

S T Bunn Construction has paved or repaved virtually every street in Tuscaloosa at least once over the years. S T Bunn, Sr. began the business with just two trucks and an overriding belief in the promise of the American free enterprise system. In the early days the company hauled asphalt for other construction companies and even did some hauling of defense materials during the war years. Gradually S T Bunn moved resolutely into the asphalt business and it became the specialty of the company.

In 1981 brothers Sonny (S T, Jr.) and Terry Bunn, who had been working for their father from an early age, purchased the business from S T Bunn Sr. Sonny, who serves as president of the company, is a civil engineering graduate of the University of Alabama. Terry, Vice President of the company, received a business degree from the University of West Alabama where he serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Both are past presidents of the Alabama Asphalt Paving Association.

S T Bunn Construction has grown steadily over the years, adding people, facilities and equipment as the demand for its quality-conscious work grows. The company has become a fixture in the area’s construction business and has been responsible for a majority of the highway construction in West Alabama. The work that S T Bunn undertakes entails site preparation, basing and paving. While highway paving is the mainstay of the company, S T Bunn is also involved in commercial projects such as paving the parking lots of shopping centers, malls, churches, and various small projects. The company also paves streets and roadways of residential subdivisions and office parks. S T Bunn manufactures asphalt at 5 locations for use in the company’s paving projects. Asphalt is also sold to city, county and state agencies, as well as contractors and the general public.

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